Chakra Report + Distance Reiki- Detailed Report of Your Chakra System

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Reveal Messages from the Chakras

Reveal the messages within the body by accessing your own Chakra Report! Through tapping into your energy via distance reiki, our Certified Reiki Practitioner will discovery the energy within each of your chakras and create a detailed report. During this time, you will also receive a distance reiki session to rebalance the body

Your personalized report will be sent to you via email within 5 business days

Reiki is an energy healing technique focusing on sending energy to the body for optimum health. It can be used as a natural way of dealing with mental, emotional & physical pain management issues in addition to relieving stress.

This distance session will be done offline & allows for the beauty of this magically experience from the comfort of your own home!

Once your order is placed, our customer service team will reach out as soon as possible to confirm your session and ask additional questions


How Reiki Can Help





Headaches & Migraines

Memory Loss & Sinus Issues

Neck Pain

Arm Pain

Upper & Lower Back Pain

Digestion Issues

Hip & Leg Pain

Ulcers, Cysts & Uterine Issues

Intestinal Issues

Hearing Issues

& more



Anxiety & Stress


Anger Management

ADD & Dyslexia

Fatigue & Exhaustion

Insomnia & Sleeping Issues

Worry, Fear & Self-Doubt


& more



Anger & Rage


Grief & Bereavement

Building Trust

Childhood Conditioning

Life Threatening Fears

Abuse & Violations


Self Esteem & Self- Love

Relationship Issues

& more

Balancing Energy

Empathic Boundaries

Building Intuitive Muscles

Manifestation Work

Chakra Support


Empowering Truth

Connecting to Higher Self

Relationship Work


Removing Stuck Energy

& more