The Helper- Enneagram® Inspired Bracelet

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 The Helper Bracelet is inspired by Enneagram® Type 2 and includes genuine Garnet, Rose Quartz & Amazonite stones on a stretch cord.

The Helper represents compassion & giving. They strive to serve and care for others while sharing their love unconditionally.

The combination of these stones create a powerful band of energy that influences sincerity, empathy & love. This EnergyBand works to increase the expression of the authentic self, generosity & balance the heart space.


- Our bracelets are an average 7 inches and made on a stretch cord

- If you would like an increase or decrease in size, leave a note with your order of the size that would fit you best and we will happily customize it for you! 

𝑷𝒓𝒐𝒅𝒖𝒄𝒕 𝑪𝒂𝒓𝒆:

- We use genuine stones and metal components in our jewelry, to keep looking like new avoid water & remove when applying lotion/perfume

- Each stone is genuine & unique, which means it may appear differently than pictured and could have some imperfections -just like people, we love them all the same!

𝑷𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒂𝒈𝒊𝒏𝒈: This item is packaged in plastic with signature card