Lapis Lazuli Pendulum with Pendulum Board & Instructions

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Lapis Lazuli Pendulum & Pendulum Board- Great for Pendulum Beginners and perfect for Pendulum Readings!

Lapis Lazuli is the stone of inner wisdom & truth. Use this lapis lazuli pendulum when you looking to discover the truth about a situation and receive inner wisdom on how to deal with it


- Lapis Lazuli Pendulum
- Pendulum Board
- Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pendulum Card
- How to Use My Pendulum Instructions

Allow your inner guidance shine through with this dowsing pendulum and remove the pressure of being unsure how to get started! With your new crystal pendulum you can easily make a connection & use the step by step instructions to set it specifically for you

Crystal Pendulum is about 1- 1.5 inch in size & pendulum board is about 3x3.

All dowsing pendulums are genuine crystals and are subject to minor imperfections due to their genuine nature!