Citrine Crystal- Stone of Abundance, Prosperity, Creativity & Goal Setting

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Citrine is the stone of light and abundance. It is most powerful in helping to achieve goals while attracting wealth and prosperity. Occasionally heated amethyst, it serves as a protective shield against negative energy and attracts happiness, creativity and imagination.

Keep this golden stone in the workplace or classrooms to inspire creative ideas to flow and achieve goals!

Color: Golden

Smaller Clusters
Size: About 1 inches
Weight: 1-2.5 oz

Medium Clusters
Size: About 1-2 inches
Weight: 3-5 oz

Larger Clusters

Size: About 2-3 inches
Weight: 7-10 oz

XL Clusters

Size: 3-4+ inches

Weight: 13+ oz

Born in: Brazil, The Congo, Madagascar
Chakras: Solar Plexus
Care: Fades in Sunlight
* Smudged with White Sage* Can Water Cleanse*