Diopside- Stone of the Heart & Commitment

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Diopside expands the heart by promoting all levels of love and the ability to give & receive freely. It teaches the value of trust and commitment. It opens the feelings of the heart to be expressed openly, while freeing the soul to feel feel forgiveness to enhance growth.

Utilize this stone during meditation with the intention to heal and release any tension in the heart chakra. It is also helpful to keep in shared spaces with partners to build trust and commitment. If looking to build inner self love, keep near bedside and watch this stone work wonders!

Color: Green
Size: Varies from 1-3 inches
Weight: 4.5-10 oz
Born in: Eastern Siberia
Chakras: Heart
* Smudged with White Sage* Do Not Water Cleanse*

All stones are genuine and unique in shape and pattern. No two stones look alike, this is a beautiful attribute of genuine healing stones!