Raw Amethyst Crystal- Stone of Intuition, Protection, & Sleep

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Amethyst brings peace and insight. It awakens the soul and provides guidance in realizing your life purpose. While enhancing intuition, it can illuminate psychic abilities and serve as protection from negative energy. It creates positive vibrations and is used to appreciate the present moment. It is a stone of protection, new beginnings and inner healing. It can also be useful as a sleeping aid and to help fight addictions.

It is best to keep in any space but particularly the bedroom. Leave with beautiful stone near your nightstand to get a restful nights sleep and open the mind and body to spiritual messages from your guardians.

Color: Purple

Small Clusters
Size: About 1 inch
Weight: 3 oz

Medium Clusters
Size: About 1.5-2 inches
Weight: 5-6 oz

Large Clusters
Size: About 2-3 inches
Weight: 10-13 oz

X-Large Clusters
Size: About 4+ inches
Weight: 1lb

Born in: Brazil, Uruguay, Worldwide
Chakras: Crown
Care: Fades in Sunlight
* Smudged with White Sage* Can Water Cleanse*