Selenite Sticks- Energy Clearing Tool

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Selenite Sticks- Clarity Stone for Energy Clearing and Spiritual Work

Hold this stone to provide an enhanced connection with the angelic realm and allow for negative energy to be removed. This is useful in meditation, spiritual work and in keeping the mind and body cleared of stagnant energy. Place this stone on areas of pain to provide relief of symptoms. Also, use Selenite to charge and clear energy from other crystals and objects.

Selenite is the stone of deep peace, judgement and insight. It opens the way to spiritual inspiration and creates the feeling of peace. It clears the mind to allow for deep thought and objective decision making.

Approximately 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch or 7/8 inches in size

All stones are genuine and unique in shape and pattern. No two stones look alike, this is a beautiful attribute of genuine healing stones!