Readings and Reiki

Tarot, Angel & Oracle Readings

Readings are used as a tool to understand the self, situations and experiences to learn, grow and receive guidance. Explore the messages that your guardian angels have for you. Choose from the following readings or ask a question that you’re seeking guidance on:

General Reading- leave your reading up to any messages your angels feel is most important

Love Reading- provides clarity on Love or matters pertaining to relationships, advice & growth

Career Reading- provides clarity on Career or matters pertaining to work, goals, & destined paths

Relationship Reading- provides clarity on a relationship between any two people. Find out how the relationship is helpful, challenges to be aware of and what the relationship is teaching you

Monthly Reading- provides guidance on the month ahead, what to look forward to & any challenges to be aware of

Yearly Reading or Birthday Reading- provides guidance on the year ahead, what to look forward to & any challenges approaching in the next 12 months

Question Reading or Clarity Reading- Ask about a question or situation of your choice and get guidance on what is happening, how to move forward & what it is teaching you

In Person or Virtual Pricing
20 minutes for $30.00
30 minutes for $45.00
45 minutes for $65.00
60 minutes for $80.00
Half Reading & Half Reiki- 60 minutes for $75.00 (applies to in person Reiki only)
Written PDF Pricing
 General, Love, Career & 1 Question Readings for $30.00
Monthly Readings for $30.00
Yearly Readings for $65.00
Relationship Readings for $45.00
Group Readings and Parties
15-minute readings per person with free stone gift
Host is Free!
3-5 people- $18.00 per person
6-10 people- $14.00 per person
In-Person & Virtual Readings: available by appointment. Contact to set up appointment date or purchase your reading and be contacted within 24 hours for set-up.
Written PDF Readings: Purchase your reading and leave a note at checkout with a description of your situation, question or area of guidance. Please feel free to email: with your question or for direct contact.
Example Page 1 of Written PDF Reading

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Reiki Services

Reiki is an energy healing technique focusing on sending energy to the body for optimum health. It can be used as a natural way of dealing with mental, emotional & physical pain management issues in addition to relieving stress.

How Reiki Can Help





Headaches & Migraines

Memory Loss & Sinus Issues

Neck Pain

Arm Pain

Upper & Lower Back Pain

Digestion Issues

Hip & Leg Pain

Ulcers, Cysts & Uterine Issues

Intestinal Issues

Hearing Issues

& more



Anxiety & Stress


Anger Management

ADD & Dyslexia

Fatigue & Exhaustion

Insomnia & Sleeping Issues

Worry, Fear & Self-Doubt


& more



Anger & Rage


Grief & Bereavement

Building Trust

Childhood Conditioning

Life Threatening Fears

Abuse & Violations


Self Esteem & Self- Love

Relationship Issues

& more

Balancing Energy

Empathic Boundaries

Building Intuitive Muscles

Manifestation Work

Chakra Support


Empowering Truth

Connecting to Higher Self

Relationship Work


Removing Stuck Energy

& more


In Person Session Pricing

30 minutes for $45.00

60 minutes for $80.00

Distance Reiki- 20 minutes for $34.99

Half Reading & Half Reiki- 60 minutes for $75.00

To book your Reiki Sessions by contacting

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