Readings and Reiki

Tarot, Angel & Oracle Readings

Readings are used as a tool to understand the self, situations and experiences to help inspire learning & growth. No matter what your belief system is, we have access to this beautiful guidance whenever we need it!

 Choose from the following readings or ask a question that you’re seeking guidance on:

General Reading- leave your reading up to any messages your angels feel is most important

Love Reading- provides clarity on Love or matters pertaining to relationships, advice & growth

Career Reading- provides clarity on Career or matters pertaining to work, goals, & destined paths

Relationship Reading- provides clarity on a relationship between any two people. Find out how the relationship is helpful, challenges to be aware of and what the relationship is teaching you

Monthly Reading- provides guidance on the month ahead, what to look forward to & any challenges to be aware of

Yearly Reading or Birthday Reading- provides guidance on the year ahead, what to look forward to & any challenges approaching in the next 12 months

Question Reading or Clarity Reading- Ask about a question or situation of your choice and get guidance on what is happening, how to move forward & what it is teaching you

In Person or Virtual Pricing
20 minutes for $30.00
30 minutes for $45.00
45 minutes for $65.00
60 minutes for $80.00
Half Reading & Half Reiki- 60 minutes for $75.00 (applies to in person Reiki only)
Written PDF Pricing
 General, Love, Career & 1 Question Readings for $30.00
Monthly Readings for $30.00
Yearly Readings for $65.00
Relationship Readings for $45.00
In-Person & Virtual Readings: Fill out our reading request form below & we will contact you to book your reading as soon as possible!
Written PDF Readings: Purchase your reading and leave a note at checkout with a description of your situation, question or area of guidance. Please feel free to email: with your question or for direct contact.
Example Page 1 of Written PDF Reading

Reiki Services

Reiki is an energy healing technique focusing on sending energy to the body for optimum health. It can be used as a natural way of dealing with mental, emotional, energetic & physical pain management issues in addition to relieving stress. 

How Reiki Can Help




Spiritual & Energetic

Headaches & Migraines

Memory Loss & Sinus Issues

Neck Pain

Arm Pain

Upper & Lower Back Pain

Digestion Issues

Hip & Leg Pain

Ulcers, Cysts & Uterine Issues

Intestinal Issues

Hearing Issues

& more



Anxiety & Stress


Anger Management

ADD & Dyslexia

Fatigue & Exhaustion

Insomnia & Sleeping Issues

Worry, Fear & Self-Doubt


& more



Anger & Rage


Grief & Bereavement

Building Trust

Childhood Conditioning

Life Threatening Fears

Abuse & Violations


Self Esteem & Self- Love

Relationship Issues

& more

Balancing Energy

Empathic Boundaries

Building Intuitive Muscles

Manifestation Work

Chakra Support


Empowering Truth

Connecting to Higher Self

Relationship Work


Removing Stuck Energy

& more


In Person Session Pricing

30 minutes for $45.00

60 minutes for $80.00

Distance Reiki- 20 minutes for $34.99

Half Reading & Half Reiki- 60 minutes for $75.00

To book your Reiki Sessions by contacting

 To purchase a Reiki Session Click Here 

We at Mindful Intentions are not mental health professionals & these techniques are not a replacement for mental or medical care. These techniques are complementary to the assistance you may be getting with a health care provider. We do not diagnose any issues you are having & we urge you not to discontinue any medication or treatment on your own. Please continue any and all treatment until you speak with your healthcare provider.