Astrophyllite Sphere and Astrophyillite Point- Stone of Finding Your True Life's Purpose and Spiritual Destiny

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Astrophyllite illuminates your entire system with light to allow you to recognize and understand your true life's purpose. It gives you the courage to make major changes towards transformation. It influences your life's path by speeding up growth and progress in all areas. There is an element of psychic protection that will allow the holder to explore new realms for thinking securely. While exploring these realms, it also allows for understanding of past lives and the strengthening of soul connections nearby.

It is excellent for enhancing inner guidance and connecting with the higher self. Use during spiritual work, meditation or keep on hand to enhance the acceptance of yourself & your life's journey in new ways.

Astrophyllite Sphere: 50-70mm

Astrophyllite Point: 70-120g, Approximately 3 inches