Half Reading & Half Reiki Session

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* Temporarily suspended due to COVID*

Welcome- The half reading & half reiki session is our most popular option. In your first 30 minutes we will work on any guidance & messages there are for you through card readings. The second half of your appointment will include a relaxing Reiki session targeting areas indicated in your card reading along with any other areas of tension. This is an hour of pure discovery and relaxation!

A great monthly options to remain balanced and relieve stress

Readings are used as a tool to understand the self, situations and experiences to learn, grow and receive guidance. Explore the messages that your guardian angels have for you.

Reiki is an energy healing technique focusing on sending energy to the body for optimum health. It can be used as a natural way of dealing with mental, emotional & physical pain management issues in addition to relieving stress.

Half Reading & Half Reiki- 60 minutes for $75.00

To book your session contact Jasmine at shopmindfulintentions@gmail.com