Herkimer Diamond- Stone of Spiritual Enlightenment & Attunement

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Herkimer Diamond is known for clearing chakras and opening space for spiritual energy to flow throughout the mind and body freely. It connects us to higher planes of being and universal energy & allows for attuning to the divine. It is an extremely high vibration stone that assists in clairvoyant psychic abilities or telepathic communication.

Utilize this stone in meditation or during spiritual work to connect with the divine realm and access universal energy. Also helpful to keep near bedside or under pillow as it assists in vivid dreams, dream recall, astral travel and discovering past life information.

Can be ideal in grid work to strengthen manifestations and create a doorway for strong communication in both sending and receiving energy or messages.

A small but powerful stone, every crystal collectors must have! Rare and Genuine found in Upstate New York.

*listing is for one piece of Herkimer Diamond*
Color: Diamond Clear
Size: About 8-10mm or 1/4 of an Inch
Born: Upstate New York
Chakras: All Chakras