Love Crystal Grid

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The Love Mini Crystal Grid includes a framed grid with the stones Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, White Jade and Carnelian.

These stones work together to support manifesting & attracting romantic love and inner love. Allow it to amplify the desires to love the inner self more & also to attract soulmates and romance. What does your ideal partner look like in your heart? Write it on your intention card and send it directly to the universe! All stones are cleansed and Reiki infused prior to shipment.

- White Jade inspires good luck and favorable outcomes

- Carnelian inspires deep creativity and passion while digging deep into the desires of the heart

- Clear Quartz amplifies the strength of all stones & intentions

- Rose Quartz radiates the universal love energy between the inner and outer world

Each Crystal Grid Kit includes:
- Framed 3.5x3.5 Crystal Grid
- 1 Detailed Meaning Card
- 5 Intention Setting Cards to write on
- 1 "How to Manifest with Your Crystal Grid" Instruction Card

Whether you are a grid expert or new to crystals, this is a must have to your collection!