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Mixed Tumbled Stones- You Choose

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YOU PICK- 3 Stones for $8.00, 5 Stones for $12.00, 10 Stones for $18.00,or all 24 Stones for $38.00

Please select stones and type in note box at checkout- If you would like them intuitively selected please note "random selection"

All stone are approximately .75-1 inch in size

All stones are genuine and unique in shape and pattern. No two stones look alike, this is a beautiful attribute of genuine healing stones!

Stone Options:

Amazonite: Stone of Inspiration and Courage

Amethyst: Stone of Transformation, Protection and Intuition

Ametrine: Stone of Confidence and Manifestation of Goals

Angelite: Stone of Healing and Angelic Guidance

Blue Goldstone: Stone of Ambition and Vitality

Citrine: Stone of Success, Abundance & Prosperity

Clear Quartz: Stone of Transformation and Healing

Moonstone: Stone of Intuition and New Beginnings

Fluorite: Stone of Focus and Creativity

Tiger Eye: Stone of Bravery and Protection

Kyanite: Stone of Communication and Energy Purifier

Rough Lepidolite: Stone of Calming & Lifting Anxiety

Onyx: Stone of Protection and Grounding

Rose Quartz: Stone of Love, Inner Healing and Self Love

Smoky Quartz: Stone of Stress Relief, Grounding and Strength

Sodalite: Stone of Tranquility and Peace

Rough Black Tourmaline: Protection and Grounding

Purple Agate: Stone of Luck

Howlite: Stone of Knowledge & Memory

Iolite: Stone of Inner Self Awareness

Labradorite: Stone of Change and Transformation

Orange Calcite: Stone of Creativity & Connectivity

Carnelian: Stone of Passion and Determination

Hematite: Stone of Protection and Absorption of Negative Energy