Mookaite Palm Stone- Supports in New Beginnings, Change, Procrastination & Self-Confidence

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Utilize this stone in the workplace to prevent procrastination & in common environments to absorb stress within the body, particularly the stomach, & relieve tension that is typically held in the Solar Plexus/Sacral/Root Chakras.

Mookaite is a supportive stone in going beneath the surface and nurtures the body during times of stress. It brings the peace of the earth and grounds the mind & body to create a sense of wholeness. It is extremely helpful in decision making & harnessing the willpower to fight procrastination. During times of change, Mookaite helps to make a smooth transition and supports during any discomfort.

Large Mookaite Palm Stone

Approximately 3x2 inch in size

All stones are genuine and unique in shape and pattern. No two stones look alike, this is a beautiful attribute of genuine healing stones!