Orgonite Himalayan Salt and Copper Rock

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Orgonite pieces are created with metal wrapped quartz, metal shavings, resin and can include other various gemstones, rocks and materials

Disruptive or EMF energy and radiation surrounds us all and can have negative affects on the body & environment. Orgonite is a tool used to capture, cleanse and release this energy to create a stable and positive environment! It is also said to promote the transition of toxic habits, influences and situations and cause them to be removed or change for the better.

Each piece is Reiki infused to absorb clean healing energy & with the intention to clean any item or environment it is placed in or near

One of a kind Orgonite- Approximately 3x3

All Orgonite pieces include genuine crystals and materials with risen visible crystal quartz points. Each piece is individually unique and may be subject to minor imperfections due to its handmade nature & genuine materials!