Self Love Crystal Jar Set

Self Love Crystal Jar Set

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The Self Love Healing Jar includes stones that work together when in need of a confidence boost and to promote deep inner self-love. The combination of these stones can heal old wounds and make room for happiness, joy and love

Glass 5 oz Jar with Stones and Detailed Card.  *Note: All jars upgraded to 7oz thru July 31st & will return back to 5 oz in August. Price will remain the same throughout this transition*

Stones Included
- Amethyst is the stone of transformation and enlightenment.

- Moonstone connects us with our deeper truths and helps release the goddess energy that flows deep within us

- Rose Quartz promotes inner healing with compassion

- Ametrine evokes individuality and confidence

- Kyanite promotes speaking your truth fearlessly

*Stones are each .75-1 inch in size and each individually unique*