Sleep Crystal Grid

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The Sleep Mini Crystal Grid includes a framed grid with the stones Clear Quartz, Angelite, Sodalite & Amethyst.

These stones work together to promote positive dreams and restful sleeping habits. Keep nearby to enhance sound sleeping and dream recall! All stones are cleansed and Reiki infused prior to shipment.

- Amethyst supports transformation and enhanced intuition

- Angelite eases the mind of over thinking & opens a channel to the divine

- Clear Quartz amplifies the strength of all stones & intentions

- Sodalite calms the mind and body to allow it to open up to peace

Each Crystal Grid Kit includes:
- Framed 3.5x3.5 Crystal Grid
- 1 Detailed Meaning Card
- 5 Intention Setting Cards to write on
- 1 "How to Manifest with Your Crystal Grid" Instruction Card

Whether you are a grid expert or new to crystals, this is a must have to your collection!