Star Mica Cluster- Stone of the Self Growth & Resilience

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Star Mica Clusters

Star Mica is the stone of self growth & empowerment. It provides the confidence to begin and maintain inner self work & the belief in resilience. It thrives in the work intended for us on the journey of life. It assists in releasing old attachments and bonds while allowing one to become their most authentic person. While supporting lessons along our journey, it also provides peace & stability during trauma, emotional distress and sleep.

Color: Tan/Gold
Mini size: under 1 inch & Medium Size: 1 inch +
Weight: Approx 4.5 oz
Born in: India
Chakras: Heart & Third Eye
* Smudged with White Sage* Do Not Water Cleanse*

All stones are genuine and unique in shape and pattern. No two stones look alike, this is a beautiful attribute of genuine healing stones!