Tourmaline & Agate Pendulum with Dowsing Board & Instructions

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Tourmaline & Agate Pendulum Set- Great of Beginners!

Includes a Tourmaline pendulum with mini dowsing board & instructions on how to use. Allow your inner guidance shine through and remove the pressure of being unsure how to get started with these simple step by step instructions

Tourmaline is the stone of protection and boundaries. It creates a field of protection around those who carry it and blocks out negative energy. Agate inspires balance and focus within the brain for objective thinking. It soothes the mind & body of heightened emotions and allows for concentration.

Pendulum can be approximately 1- 1.5 inch in size & Mini Board is about 3x3. All pendulums are genuine crystals and are subject to minor imperfections due to their genuine nature!