About Us

Mindful Intentions started in 2018 as Live With Purpose Designs with a mission to inspire and encourage. From the beginning of our journey, healing gemstones have been the center of our passion and have been incorporated in every piece we have created. We believe in spreading awareness and inspiration-backing our motto, take what you need.

Our jewelry was originally created with friends, family and loved ones in mind while keeping our love for fashion the supporting factor in the formation of our products. Each piece carries its own energy and this has been our focal point. Whether you are taking a bit of what you need for yourself or sharing what someone else may need, we hope you love each message as much as we love sharing them with you!

As we have grown over the past few years, we have evolved into a spiritual based company expanding our love for metaphysics with our customers. This has been an excited journey for us and we are grateful to welcome you to our company-hoping that you will take what you need today and explore the beauty & wonder behind Mindful Intentions.